Midwifery Care of Louisiana

Nicki Solomito Pugh, MSM, CPM, LM

Serving the Alexandria, Natchez, Leesville, Fort Polk, Natchitoches, Marksville and Monroe areas and everywhere in between.


Comprehensive, individualized pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care

Optimally, care begins early in pregnancy, however, that is not always an option.  You are welcome to contact me at any point in your pregnancy to see if homebirth is a option for you.

You will see me every month until 28 weeks, every two week until 35 weeks, and then weekly until you have your baby.  Normal prenatal visits include urinalysis, blood pressure/weight check, and assessment of your baby's growth and well-being. Prenatal visits are allotted a minimum of 60 minutes to allow for ample time to discuss nutrition, physical activity, stress and sleep habits. When you have questions outside of your scheduled appointments, you are able to call me directly. 

When you are in labor, myself and  a trained assistant will attend your birth and stay with you a minimum of 4 hours after your birth, or as long as necessary. I come to your home at day one, three, and seven after the birth and see you in the office at 3 weeks and 6 weeks to assess you and your baby.  Through those challenging first six weeks, you are able to directly contact me to discuss any issues or concerns.  

Doula Service 

Supporting hospital births

For those who wish to have a doula with advanced training or those with special circumstances, I offer supportive doula servies to those having a hospital delivery.