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Providing experience, compassionate maternity care to Louisiana families. 

What is a midwife?

Midwives are the traditional care providers for mothers and infants. Midwives are trained professionals with expertise and skills in supporting women to maintain healthy pregnancies and have optimal births and recoveries during the postpartum period. Midwives provide women with individualized care uniquely suited to their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and cultural needs. Midwifery is a woman-centered empowering model of maternity care that is utilized in all of the countries of the world with the best maternal and infant outcomes such as The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Canada. (MANA, 2019)

Meet the midwife.

Nicki Solomito Pugh is a certified professional midwife (CPM) licensed by the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners to practice midwifery in the state of Louisiana. She is committed to providing safe, skilled and compassionate midwifery services to Louisiana mothers. Nicki works as a solo-practice, home birth midwife serving central and northeast Louisiana. She also serves as the president of the Louisiana Midwives Association. Her commitment to maintaining the sacred, traditional art of midwifery through the implementation of evidence-informed, modern clinical practice is evident in the care she provides pregnant families. 

Nicki began her journey into natural childbirth in 2005 by participating in a Bradley Natural Childbirth class in anticipation of her first daughters birth. By the end of 2006, Nicki had a new daughter, a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology from LSU-Baton Rouge, and became a certified childbirth education instructor.  

In 2011, after the birth of her third daughter, Nicki followed her call to begin midwifery training.  Her training was an excellent combination of both community-based, apprenticeship model style of midwifery care with several of Louisiana's finest and most experienced midwives, as well as enrolling in the accredited midwifery college, Midwives College of Utah (MCU).  Upon graduation from MCU in 2015 and passing the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) boards, Nicki became licensed by the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners to practice midwifery.  Nicki continued her education at MCU and earned her Masters degree in Midwifery in 2017. 

Nicki has served over 150 Louisiana families since becoming a licensed midwife in 2015.  With Nicki and her birth team, you can be assured you will have experienced, patient, and skilled attendants at your birth. This team has a proven track record of safe, healthy, and FUN births! While safety is absolutely the highest priority: transport, cesarean, and NICU admission rates are a fraction of the national average expected within the out of hospital birth settings. Nicki's team does an amazing job through out the prenatal period screening for appropriateness for home birth and preventing issues during labor and birth through physical activity, nutrition, supplementation and education.   The excellent statistics for their births reflect this hard work! 

Nicki and her husband of 18 years have four (yes, four) daughters, three of which were born at home with licensed midwives.  She also homeschools her children and enjoys life on their family farm, Revolution Meat Co. You can check it out on social media.  

In her spare time, Nicki is an avid gardener, participant with livestock management, and active member of her church. 

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Childbirth Education

An important part of Nicki’s 3-step program for reaching your birth goals is education. There is really so much to learn and consider, so that you can make informed and knowledgeable decisions about your birth and your baby’s first days of life. This class will provide you with all the knowledge and skills needed to go into labor, birth and immediate postpartum feeling confident and ready to meet your baby. 

Doula/Midwifery Co-Care

Hospitals in Louisiana are not always the most progressive and welcoming places for those who would like to be a decision maker in their own birth process. A doula has been repeatedly shown to offer so many benefits to mothers, including increasing positive feelings about the birth, as well as reducing c-section rates. If you are working toward a natural or low-intervention birth or just want to feel like you have a specific person on your team throughout the birth process, a doula would be a perfect addition to your team. 

Midwifery Care-Home Birth

Some women will just always want to birth outside of the hospital. It is quiet. It is compassionate. It is individualized. It is not rushed. When people ask Nicki, “Can I _____ at a homebirth?”, the answer is almost always, “Yes.” Most of what people are looking to avoid at the hospital or anxious about asking for at the hospital are already the norm for care within Nicki’s midwifery practice. If you want to experience normal, physiologic birth with the absolute lowest risk for c-section, a home birth with a midwife may be what you need.

What our families are saying...

Midwifery care with Nicki is the way to go! It was so refreshing to have prenatal appointments that were personalized, not just the routine doctor visit.  My home birth experience was phenomenal. It was one of the best experiences of my life. Nicki was so gentle and knowledgeable my entire pregnancy. I had 100% confidence in her to help me during my labor. ❤️


Living in North Louisiana, we were not sure who we could get to drive up for a home birth. Nicki made us feel relaxed and comfortable for all the check ups. For us, she had a less hands on approach to the birth, which was nice. She helped create a space that felt peaceful and empowering. I would recommend Nicki!


A much more personal and warm experience than an obstetrician.

You won't feel rushed, put out, or wait in a lobby for hours.         

Plus, Nicki is pretty awesome.


Using Nicki as my midwife for my home birth was the best decision I could have made. The care I received using her compared to my previous hospital birth with an OB was incredible. I definitely recommend using her to anyone who is planning to have a baby🖤


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