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Frequently Asked Questions

When people reach out for more more information, they typically ask many of the same questions! 

And they are great questions to get started with when interviewing a midwife to potentially join your birth team and help you reach your birth goals! 

Below you will see answers to many common questions!

Do I cover your area?

I serve all of central and northeast Louisiana. This includes Marksville, Fort Polk/Leesville, Natchitoches, Alexandria, Natchez MS,  Ruston/Monroe and every where in between.  

I do not serve south and northwest Louisiana. If you live between Lake Charles and New Orleans, on the northshore or in Shreveport, you will need to contact a midwife in those areas. 

Previous Cesarean Section

Unfortunately, I do not attend home births for those who have had a previous cesarean section. However, I do occasionally offer doula services when my schedule permits.  

Can I labor in the water?

YES, absolutely! For those who have had an epidural in the past, laboring in the water can make a huge difference in improving comfort levels. We also encourage eating, drinking, moving around and having a great combination of relaxing spa environment with fun and a ton of laughs!

Will I get to be a part of decision making?

100% yes. If you are looking to be considered the most important person in making decisions for your birth, midwifery care is for you. 

But know, it does come with the additional responsibility for educating yourself and making decisions best for your family. 

Cost-Insurance-Payment Plans

1. Insurance may reimburse some of the fees depending on things like your policy, deductible, and coinsurance. We offer free verification of benefits to help with determining that information.

2.  Payment plans are available to make the out of pocket investment easier on the budget.

3. Cost of doula services range from $2500-$3500

4. Midwifery care/home birth investment can range from $4800 to $5800 depending on location and options chosen for birth and newborn care.

What our customers are saying

Was my midwife an investment? Absolutely. 

Was it worth it? Absolutely. 

The payment plan option was so easy. 

With the local hospitals having a section rate as high as 65%, and Nicki's being less than 5% and the way I felt after my first hospital birth, the choice to make an out of pocket payment toward better outcomes through compassionate, individualized care was simple. 

 Do what you have to do to afford it! Have a garage sale, take up a quick side hustle, or utilize the payment plan option! 

It was so worth it, not just for my physical health

 but for my mental health in the postpartum.

RR-Client 2021

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